Workshops with high school pupils

An important way of promoting the portal consist in the workshops that was organized for high school pupils. There was 6 workshops in different high schools in North, Middle and South Banat in Serbia, 6 workshops in high schools in Timis and Caras-Severin in Romania, and 25 weekly seminars with high school pupils in Timisoara. At the workshops we presented the web portal to high school pupils and mathematics teachers and also examples of lectures and problems posted on the web portal. The weekly seminars in Timisoara used in order to test the learning materials and have an immediate and direct feed-back from the pupils regarding these materials.

Web activities

Lectures and problem sets for the pupils was uploaded on the web portal according to the established plan, after they were partially presented during the weekly lectures. User accounts was established, materials uploaded by other users (teachers or pupils) was certified, solutions uploaded by pupils was graded. During the online sessions, our experts discussed with the pupils the best ways to tackle the problems proposed especially for these sessions.

Every Monday, there are new educational materials on the web portal

Joint workshops with pupils from Romania and Serbia

To establish a better relation between the pupils from the Timis and the Middle Banat County, two joint workshops was organized in Zrenjanin, respectively Timisoara, during which problem sessions and mathematical contests take place. There was also discussions with the high school teachers in order to analyze the impact of the entire project.

Workshops with pupils from Serbia

Workshops were organized in the following high schools:

High school, Novi Bečej – 08.04.2014. (43 pupils)
Technical school “Nikola Tesla” Zrenjanin – 11.04.2014. (45 pupils)
Gymnasium, Zrenjanin – 16.04.2014. (61 pupils)
Gymnasium “Dušan Vasiljev”, Kikinda – 15.04.2014. (43 pupils)
School Center ”Nikola Tesla”, Vršac – 08.05.2014. (45 pupils)
High school “Vuk Karadžić”, Sečanj – 13.05.2014. (50 pupils)

The project team organized two more project promotions on the demand of the teachers in the following high schools:
School for chemistry, food and textile "Uroš Predic" Zrenjanin – 07.05.2014. (18 pupils)
Economic-Trade school "Jovan Trajkovic" Zrenjanin – 09.05.2014. (37 pupils). Click the picture below to see more.

In workshops participated pupils, teachers from high school and project team members. At the workshop we presented the IPA programme, the project SUSMATHEDU and the web portal to high school pupils.

New educational materials

After finishing the project we created some new educational materials.

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