University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


Theoretical teaching

Introduction to decision-making. Process of decision-making. Decision-making phases. Decision-making models. Decision-making analysis without sampling. MAXIMIN criterion.MINIMAX criterion. MAXIMAX criterion. LaPlace criterion.  Decision-making analysis with apriori probabilities: problems with two actions and multiaction problems. Incremental analysis. decision-making analysis with sampling. Bayes theorem. Optimum strategy. Expected value of sample information. Expected  net profit from sampling. Optimum plan of sampling.  Decision-making tree and sequence decision-making. Case without sampling. Taking one sample. Sequence case. Risk analysis. Risk analysis scenario. Oneattributive theory of utility. Utility and its masuring. Expected utility. utility function. Multiattributive utility theory. Analysis of multiattributive problems. Method of attributive utility with additional form. Multicriteria decision-making. Multiattributive decision-making.  Multiobjective decision-making. Methods of multicriteria analysis(ELECTRE, PROMETHEE, AHP and

th.). Team decision-making. Team work. Types of team decision-making. Methods of team decision-making.

Practical teaching

Calculation problems with examples covering theoretical areas.


General information

Study program:         Engineering management – Basic academic studies

                                    Industrial engineering – Basic academic studies


Semester: 7

Lectures: 3

Exercises: 3



Milan Nikolić, Associate professor




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